Pothos - Golden

Pothos - Golden

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Plants are known to brighten up a space and add a sense of warmth. They are also proven to purify the air and increase oxygen levels in your home.  Whether you are looking to try out your budding green thumb or to send a long lasting gift, tropical houseplants are a winning trend!

Tropical houseplants generally thrive with medium light and regular watering.  An occasional misting will keep them feeling extra tropic and happy. Listed price is for plant only, and is sent in nursery pot unless otherwise specified. 

Plant is 4" size.  Add a neutral pot to your order and we will plant your choice of plant and finish the look with rocks or moss. Dressed and ready for delivery as a thoughtful gift. 

For more detailed information on any of these houseplants, try a houseplant blog or send us a message with your questions!